Body Sculpting


Problems of your skin due to the sun exposure and weight fluctuation are the factors of skin sagging problems. Rapid weight loss, repeated diets, pregnancy… all are treatable with Thalgosculpt.

A duo of active ingredients helps to “re-anchor” the epidermis to the dermis. Marine Pro-Collagen gives the skin back all its firmness potential and support Strength by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.


On the surface of the skin, a tightening extract of sweet almond proteins
smooths the skin and provides an instant “lifting” effect.


superbody spa-bust modeling

Bust Modeling

This intensive thermal treatment incorporates plant proteins to enhance elasticity and maintain bust firmness and definition.






Toning Body Wrap

Rich in marine minerals and vitamins, this treatment purifies and assists in the fight against weight and toxin buildup and the “Orange Peel” effect,
and encourages normal body functions.




superbody spa body-contouring

Thalgomince Body Contouring

Combines Micronized Marine Algae, marine and plant extracts to strengthen skin elasticity and minimize fatty deposits.  Ideal after pregnancy or weight loss to enhance the silhouette and tighten and tone localized areas.




superbody spa marine-algae-body-wrapMicronized Marine Algae Body Wrap

Rich in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients, this pure algae body wrap actives the body’s functions, relieves aches and pains, purifies and assists the natural metabolic balance.





superbody spa pressure-therapy-treatment


Pressure Therapy Treatment

Excellent treatment to get rid of water retention, especially for people with tired leg syndrome, stimulating venous and lymphatic return stream circulation.





  • Post-traumatic oedemas.
  • Cellulite
  • Obesity
  • Improving tropism and recovering the elasticity of the skin.
  • Postpartum care
  • Indirectly stimulating the body’s general circulation, helping to produce relaxation and feeling of well-being.
  • Following cosmetic surgery, its action on the circulation is extremely useful
    in re-establishing normality in the area.
  • Essential following liposuction and liposculpture.
  • General Detoxification of the body
  • Prevents circulation disorders and maintaining adequate return stream circulation.


superbody spa electrotherapyElectrotherapy

Localized obesity treatment.
Localized build-up of fat.







  • Body Reshaping treatment
  • Generalized obesity
  • Obesity accompanied by flaccidity
  • Generalized improvement of contour and body shape
  • Treatment of cellulite
  • Localized cellulite
  • Soft cellulite
  • Generalized cellulite
  • Painful cellulite
  • Circulation Treatment
  • Circulation disorders
  • Oedemas and liquid retention
  • Return circulation exercise
  • Oedemas cellulite
  • Postoperative treatments
  • Bust Treatment
  • Flaccid bust
  • Bust reshaping
  • Body Reshaping Treatment
  • Localized body flaccidity
  • Generalized body flaccidity
  • Postpartum treatments
  • Treatment following beauty surgery (liposuction, etc.)