Experience the tailor-made Thalgogive Firming Treatment at Superbody the Spa & Salon

After the first session, your face feels rejuvenated.  When used as an intensive treatment, your face looks “lifted”.

Experience the sensation of the Restructuring Patches melting into your skin and the spectacular firming effect of the Gel Mask



Micronised Marine Algae Facial

Delicately applied, like a warm veil of velvet upon you skin, it is naturally rich in minerals and vitamins and delivers all its benefits accompanied by a gentle, purifying warmth.  With every session, sebum production is normalized and gradually, you feel like you are once more in control of your skin.


superbody spa modelling-treatment

Enjoy our Wrinkle Control Modelling Treatment

Due to its mineral powder and self-heating properties which ensure its active wrinkle control ingredients are absorbed deep down, This mask has the effect in one session to remarkably younger looking skin due to the amazing wrinkle-smoothing effect.



Pure Collagen Velvet Mask

Intensive hydration for sun damaged skin and fine lines and wrinkles.  With pure native soluble collage, protein-rich extracts and creams, this treatment softens and smooths the skin, and helps maintain moisture balance.